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UK investigates sex for visas claim
Tue, 03 Jan 2006 08:33:57 GMT
The British Home Office is investigating allegations that immigration officials have been granting visas to foreign nationals in exchange for sexual favours. A report in The Sun newspaper focuses on allegations by a former administration officer at one of Britain's main immigration processing centres in the south London suburb of Croydon.
work permit - time spent outside..
Tuesday, 3 Jan 2006 12:15:01 GMT
I am currently in the UK on a two year work permit due to expire in November 2006. I would like to return to Australia for..
How to apply for parents ?
Monday, 2 Jan 2006 17:15:06 GMT
Can some one please tell me the steps that I should be taking in order for me to sponsor my parents. My income in 2004 was..
American eligible for UK and Iris..
Wednesday, 28 Dec 2005 09:44:29 GMT
Hiya! I'm an American living/working in Europe, but in 2007 I plan to emigrate to the UK to attend university. My mother..
Times: Europe's 'green card' for..
Thursday, 22 Dec 2005 09:15:03 GMT
The Times December 22, 2005 Europe's 'green card' for workers By Rory Watson The European Commission wants to introduce..
immigration and patterns of human..
Monday, 19 Dec 2005 00:15:06 GMT
Do you consider that, throughout history, peoples of various cultures have undertaken to migrate from one region to another..
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