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Share your knowledge, views, passion and pain. Let other members benefit from your input and in return you will benefit from theirs, its all here in one easy to use place. Edit your profile, write your journal, post forum entries and check out the latest statistics from people in the same situation as you.

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Well, apart from it being totally free, it gives you all the tools you need to plan and execute your emigration journey in one easy to use place. aims to supply people who are either thinking of emigrating, are emigrating or have emigrated with information, pure and simple. But whats information if you dont have the tools to use it productively? When you become a member of you get to do just that, below are 10 good reasons to register with

 10 Reasons to Register with

> You have full access to the ever popular emigration forums on

> You have full access to view statistics and compare other members time experiences.

> You can contact migration experts and post comments direct from our agent directories.

> You can save pages from our forums and other site sections to your profile for safe keeping.

> You can write in your own online journal and view other members timelines and progress.

> You can download our popular screen saver and receive news feeds direct to your desktop.

> You can manage your own task list online and organize your emigration move from one place.

> Receive email alerts from forum entries you are watching or news you would like to receive.

> Receive a personalized emigration home page, showing things relevant to your own needs.

> Letting other members benefit from your input will in return benefit you from their input.

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