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Transferring your Money and Financial Assets Overseas

Currency Conversion, Migrant Banking and Pensions


Get the latest foreign exchange rates from brokers in real time using our comparison tools. Seek professional financial planning services for pension transfers and open your bank accounts before you arrive in your destination country for the smoothest and easiest way to transfer your assets.

 Currency Conversion, Emigration Banking, Pensions & More:

Compare the best rates and fees from the top currency brokers. Find out how to set up an account and browse FAQs.
Currency Conversion
How to get a bank account and transfer funds before you arrive. We list the best emigration friendly banks here so you can choose.
If you are thinking of using your high street bank to transfer your money, you maybe suprised by the amount of profit they make by offering you an inferior exchange rate. Brokers rates are based on real time/live inter-bank money market rates. Therefore they can offer their clients superb commercial rates of exchange which in turn believe it or not can actually gain you 1000's of dollars on your transfer amount.

Some of our global currency broker partners:
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Most banks around the World wont allow you to open an account from overseas. But there are some emigration friendly banks that do and allow you to deposit money. However you cant make a withdrawal until you arrive in the country and prove your residency status and show identification. This is great for anyone wanting to transfer foreign currency from your currency brokers account before you arrive and start earning interest on it.

Some migrant friendly banks click for details:
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Here stands a complex subject, which will require a lot of thought, should you keep your existing pension in its present form or transfer it overseas to your newly adopted country? There are many questions to be answered with regards to whether you future wealth will benefit from a pension transfer and this section has been created to guide your through the process.
Transferring Pensions

An example of a UK pension needing to be transferred to Australia.

Australia taxes its residents on their worldwide assets. Key elements of Australian tax law may cause significant tax disincentives for former British residents and their families living permanently in Australia who leave their pension entitlements in the UK.

The thrust of the legislation is to tax the growth of pension funds from the date Australian residency is taken up, until funds are transferred to a complying Australian superannuation scheme. However, the tax charge is waived in the first six months of your residency in Australia, so it is often a case of 'the sooner the transfer, the better'.

On a positive note, there are major financial advantages to be gained by transferring your funds to an approved Australian fund as soon after your arrival as possible, as Australian funds enjoy concessional tax treatment both during the investment phase and even more so in retirement.